— Activities performed at Schools during internship/Teaching Practice —

School Internship of one month in Schools. (Second Semester)

Report on school organization and management structure.
Report on Maintenance of various School records.
20 observation lessons (10 per teaching subject)

Teaching practice of 16 weeks duration. (Third Semester)

50 macro lessons in each teaching subject (Total 100 lessons)
30 observation lessons in each teaching subject (Total 60 lessons)

— Activities performed at Institution —

Science Practical (6 Practical)
Psychological Test -2
Monthly class test and assignments.
Course activities (Foundation/teaching subjects)
Preparation of teaching aids ( Charts, Models and Transparencies) ( 10, 2,2)
Micro Teaching – 4 lesson plans of each teaching method (T-20)
Simulation Teaching – 10 Lesson plans in each Teaching subject (T-20)
Making of display boards with certain themes -3
Community work -1
Campus Beautification
AV equipment handling
Cultural Activities.
Projects of Art and Craft (Individual / Group)
Sports Activities ( Indoor/Outdoor)
Dramatics, Debates, Discussion-3
Field trip -1
Celebration of important National and International days.
Small group discussion, Tutorials on core/other subjects
Construction of test items.

It may be noted that both institutional and school teachers supervise the lessons delivered by students. Each day at the end of the teaching programme feed-back and discussion of supervisors remarks given at the end of the lesson plans are discussed with students, students maintain Lesson Plan Note Books. Battery of printed questions is tagged to each Lesson Plan and the supervisors assess the student on these on a 7 point scale. Block teaching is encouraged. Students remain in the practicing school from 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM. Students also organize the co-curricular activities of the schools and it is appreciated by the concerned schools. We are thankful to the Deputy Director Education Solan for allowing us to do teaching practice in schools in Solan District.